Custom orders

We welcome custom/bespoke orders of any shape, size or style. We pride ourselves in fine craftsmanship and unbeatable customer service. We specialise in designs using bamboo-based materials such as poles, boards, veneers, panels and slats.


Initial Consultation – it’s always best to start the design conversation with an email. Please outline your project and provide any visuals such as photos (maybe inspired from Pinterest, etc), Illustrator drawings , CAD work or simply a photo of a sketch you have drawn. Remember to include the best daytime contact telephone number in your message.

Email us at: or use the Contact Us form below.

We will then contact you to discuss your ideas and talk through materials, pricing and any aspects of the design which may need refining or clarifying. We may then recommend the production of a prototype, which is usually chargeable. You might also need some samples of the raw material, which we can provide, sometimes free of charge.

Prototyping – This is a crucial part of the product design process, particularly where you will require multiple items made i.e. a ‘production run’. We can advise on whether it would be best to make the item here in-house, or if it would be best to outsource to one of our suppliers in China or Indonesia.