All of our products are treated with one coat of wood oil, and full instructions are supplied for continuous maintenance – which aids its ability to resit weathering and rot.

When one of our Simply Rustic UK products are purchased flat packed – we will supply easy to follow assembly instructions. Please take time to read these carefully before building.

Pressure treated softwood (particularly pine redwood) needs less maintenance than you might think. We recommend the following:

  • Wash down surfaces regularly with a wood ceaning product.
  • Our products will gradually weather in colour – this does not indicate any loss of preservative protection.
  • Should you wish to add a colour coating to your new garden furniture, you should use a high performance wood stain or paint.
  • Apply wood stain or paint in DRY weather.
  • Maintenance of the coating should be carried out on a yearly basis.
  • When applying a wood stain or paint, pay attention to horizontal services and areas that may collect water.

Changes in weather may cause fixings to loosen. Tighten as required.

Softwood is a natural product that can twist and warp in climatic conditions. To minimise this, our products should be sited on firm, level ground and away from areas where water collects.

Softwood may also at times develop cracks in the surface – these are called shakes. This is a natural occurence and can be more prevalent during changes in temperature and humidity. Cracking does not affect the performance or durability of our products.